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Personal Touch Fitness, LLC

Our Studio is located at:

 15 Park Ave., 3rd Floor

Rutherford, NJ 



Welcome to PERSONAL TOUCH FITNESS and and Welcome to your new level of health and fitness!


At Personal Touch Fitness, we honestly believe that everyone can and will benefit from our personal training techniques.  Designed specifically for your needs, our trainers address your individual concerns. We specialize in motivating you to stick to your fitness regime and to reach your goals, no matter what obstacles, mental or physical, you may have.  WE CARE about your well being!

Personal Touch Fitness, LLC provides nationally certified, professionally educated Personal Trainers to clientele in Northern New Jersey and Manhattan.


Everyone can benefit from personal training!

 For the beginner:

 Your trainer will work within your limits, provide instructions and encourage you to improve your fitness levels and overcome barriers to exercise. Your qualified, experienced, certified trainer will work with you to ensure that you exercise with the proper form and technique.

Intermediate level:

 Your trainer will guide you through new and innovative training techniques to challenge you to reach a higher level of fitness than you could achieve when training your own.


Advanced Level:

 Your trainer will design a challenging and effective program to avoid fitness plateaus and provide sports specific training.


Special Populations

 At Personal Touch Fitness, our trainers are qualified to address specific areas of concern, such as:






Pre and Post Pregnancy

Orthopedic concerns

In addition to addressing these specific areas of concern, our trainers specialize in motivating clients to stick to their fitness regime and to reach their goals, no matter what health concerns or obstacles our clients may have.


Train in our fully equipped fitness studio located at 15 Park Avenue in Rutherford, N.J. Our trainers are also available to come to our location.  Call 201-294-5493.  By Appointment Only.


WE CARE about the well being of our clientele!


Save 50%
on First Session!

Bring to your first fitness training session and receive 50% off! Use coupon code below when calling 201-294-5493.

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Prenatal Moms Fitness Programs

Qualified trainers certified in pre and post natal fitness training are also available to guide you through your workouts before and during pregnancy, and to maintain your health and fitness level post pregnancy.

Our trainers will work with you to get you in the best shape you can be in pre-pregnancy. During pregnancy our trainers will consult with your doctor to determine the safest most effective fitness plan, ensuring that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) exercise guidelines for pre, pregnancy and post pregnancy are met.


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